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This is a list of ideas from the reports we could do to help improve the site.

  • Create Calf Jacket specific page using the info found in the ‘Calf Jacket Keyword & Competitor Research’ report.
  • Continue to create more video content.
  • Get more product images showing closeups of all the features.
  • Reach out to potential bloggers to review the products.
  • Create pages related to the events you will be attending. I found with another client that there are lot of searches for specific events and little competition so you can piggyback their search volume and appear in front of your target audience. (On hold due to COVID)
  • If any of the events you will be attending have a list of stall holders get your name/site link added to their site, every incoming link from a good source is incredibly helpful. (On hold due to COVID)

SEO Checklist

When adding new pages or posts to the site run through this checklist to ensure it is well optimised giving the best chance for Google to rank it.

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